Elementor is pushing new updates constantly, it’s almost becoming too hard to catch up with all those new features. But we don’t mind, these new features are always awesome and useful, enabling us to create awesome templates and even entire websites.

One of the latest things that Elementor Pro launched was the ability to create (design) templates for dynamic content pages, like blog posts and blog archive pages. Finally! Now you can design entire websites, not just static pages, but everything else as well. This is a major feature and we couldn’t be happier to use it.

That’s why we decided to dedicate our entire batch of templates we released in May 2018 exclusively for single post and blog archive pages.

You can see screenshots of some of them below:

These screenshots don’t do them justice, you have to see them live to truly experience what they look like.

Since we plan to regularly add new Elementor templates of this kind we decided to create a new category for it, called Blog Post & Archive Templates. Click on it and you’ll see everything we have published so far.

This month (June 2018) we have also prepared a couple of new single post templates, maybe even better than the current ones, you’ll see soon enough. 🙂

Feel free to let us know if you like the templates we made so far in the comments below.

Published by Drazen Prastalo

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