Fit Coach Homepage

This is an Elementor Pro template designed as a professional home page exclusively for a fitness company. Its seamless, responsive and visually polished features are all hallmarks of a professional website.

Placed at the front and center at the very start is a call to action immediately catching the visitors’ attention. The call to action is bolstered by the fact that there is the photo of the founder in the background. This may not be enough to convert your visitors just yet, but is an important part of your visual brand.

As a continuation of that logic, the next section lists all the achievements and expertise of the person who will be responsible for your clients’ wellbeing. This approach is a type of warranty that you offer on your services, as well as a great method for building trust and transparency.

Next, we have the lead magnet block containing a call to action that is incorporated elegantly against the photo in the background. This is made so as to keep with the unique style of the template. The lead market is one of the best methods of collecting email and creating email lists. On the other hand, you are offering free content to your future clients. Maybe they are not ready to commit to one of your plans right now, but the free content may just be the nudge that tips them over.

The following section is a promise that you have the best deal for your clients. Here you need to place programs, plans and other services. Make them clearly distinct whether by using images, whether by text or some other method. In the description, make sure the wording is engaging and to the point.

The previous is essentially your selling point, because in the next section you are asking your visitors to choose an option, a program. They can always click on an individual program and learn about each particular program on a dedicated page, but you need to catch their attention sooner rather than later. The majority probably won’t click through on these plans so you need to sell them on your idea as soon as possible.

The following block is devoted to the full list of programs and services your company offers. Again, make them distinct, so that the visitors can differentiate them at a glance and read only those they are interested in.

A visually enticing and an attractive block is what follows. Place a professional photo and create a persuasive call to action that will make your visitors want to click on it.

Now we come to the part that can make or break your efforts, the testimonials. Present real, undiluted information on a couple of your clients who have had the greatest success with your fitness programs. Be candid and straightforward about it as these results can always be double-checked.

The next block is another stylish call to action inviting your visitors to learn more about one of your plans.

Towards the end, we included a block on media. Here you can include columns, articles and other snippets of media that mentioned you or your company.

At the very bottom there is a simple and clean contact form with all your contact information as well as the ubiquitous social media buttons.


*This template is a part of Fit Coach funnel/bundle.

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  • Release date: January 30, 2018
  • Last updated: October 21, 2019
  • File format: .json
  • File size: <1MB
  • Responsive: Yes - Optimized for mobile devices
  • Built with: Elementor Pro
  • License: Personal License (unlimited use on your own websites); Agency License (unlimited use on your own and client's websites)

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