Modern Ebook Opt-in Page

This Elementor Pro template has been designed exclusively as an opt-in page for eBooks. Essentially this is a lead magnet page that offers a free chapter of your book. The modern and stylish design, fast loading times and responsiveness contribute to a great user experience. These are all factors that count towards a visitor’s satisfaction when browsing a page, meaning that they are more likely to spend more time on your page.

The opening copy is supposed to incentivize the visitors to believe in your product by offering a free chapter of your book. In essence you are saying that you are so confident in your product that you are giving away a free chapter because you know the value of your product and that they will most likely be interested in the rest of your book as well.

This is why the opt-in form is placed right at the beginning of the template. They only need to leave their name and email address and they will be on their merry way to read your free chapter.

The next section is sort of a testimonial to how great your book is. Here you can feature a couple of great reviews and feedback you already received for the product. Ideally you will have some media coverage for the book as well, this is a great way to build trust and credibility.

The next block is dedicated to a short description of what can readers expect to find within your book. This is a great opportunity to hook your potential customers and increase your chances for conversion. If you have them, display some of your accolades and praises for your product.

The following section has been envisioned as “a word from the author”. Not to be discarded as just another placeholder text, consider writing a genuine copy that will help you build rapport with your readers. Tell a story and sell your product.

The section just below is a showcase of the different chapters or main points talked about in the book.  Use this section to ensure that the readers have a good overview of what type of product they are purchasing so as to avoid any misunderstandings and wrong expectations. Be upfront and let them know what to expect.

The template ends with another opt-in form just as a conveniently placed form for those who are ready to download your giveaway.

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  • Release date: August 1, 2018
  • Last updated: October 18, 2019
  • File format: .json
  • File size: <1MB
  • Responsive: Yes - Optimized for mobile devices
  • Built with: Elementor Pro
  • License: Personal License (unlimited use on your own websites); Agency License (unlimited use on your own and client's websites)