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This template has been created using Elementor Pro, a popular page builder plugin for WordPress. It has been created specifically for clinics. The template’s sleek look, soothing colors, innovative design and high responsiveness have all been crafted with good user experience in mind. The template’s eye-catching design will surely contribute to higher conversion rates.

The first block opens with a beautiful copy that promises to help you fall in love with your body again. The soothing skin-colored pink hues of the background seem to reinforce the story you put in words. The image of a model holding herself seems to suggest that she too cares about her body and invites you to trust the experts of the clinic to help you achieve your goal. A prominently placed contrasting blue call to action button is conveniently placed at the start to book the appointment immediately.

The next block is dedicated to presenting the various services you offer. Each is accompanied by an appropriate image, title, short description of procedures and procedure category. A call to action button for requesting a quote is present at each of the procedures.

The following block is reserved to introduce your team of experts. Please remember to include your staff’s profile picture, title and short bio.

The block just below the team has been envisioned as a space to say a couple of words regarding your clinic, procedures, work ethic and methodology. A placeholder video awaits to be replaced by your own video. Use it to showcase a virtual tour of the clinic and introduce your core staff. The video is a great tool used for building trust and credibility. Use it well.

The next block is dedicated to ubiquitous testimonials section. As a best practice remember to include the best feedback you have, but pepper it with some of the more realistic reviews as well. Featuring only reviews that glorify your work can backfire and cause people to be careful regarding choosing your services.

The template ends with a final block similar to the one at the start. The image of the model admiring her skin set against a backdrop of pink background, accompanied by a blue call to action button, prominently visible against the pink.

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