Podcast Episodes Homepage

This Elementor Pro template is ideal for your podcast website. Its innovative design, beautiful layout and responsiveness has been perfectly tweaked for all your podcast needs. The audience will simply love the experience.

In the header, you will find your standard navigation bar as well as the social media buttons. Immediately below a strong call to action invites your visitors to tune in and start listening. The design is created in such a way to catch the visitors’ attention right off the bat. Just under this section a narrow black subscription bar is placed along with audio distribution platforms your podcast can be listened on.

Next, we have the preview section of some of your podcasts. Use this space to place an engaging photo and relevant information about the episode, such as the title and a short description. By placing your favorite sound bites from each episode, you are generating curiosity which is a powerful tool for driving conversion.

The next section is important as well, as here you need to do your best to persuade your audience why should they follow your podcast. Explain why should they care, what do you have to offer that your competition doesn’t. Give it a go, write a copy that sells.

The following block is intended to introduce the hosts of the podcast. Provide their names, photo, a short bio as well as the social media buttons for their channels.


*This template is a part of Podcast Episodes funnel/bundle.

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