Podcast Episodes Single Episode Page

This template is a part of a template package custom built for podcast websites. I was created with Elementor Pro, a popular page builder plugin for WordPress. The template features a minimalist design, fast loading times and responsiveness, all of which contribute to positive user experience.

The template opens with the standard navigation bar and social media channel buttons in the header.

The centerpiece of the template is the first section. It focuses on a single podcast episode. Enter a title, mention who the host of the podcast is and provide a short description of what can the visitors expect to listen about. The integrated audio widget provides a short preview of the podcast.

The Facebook comments section is ideal do drive engagement with the audience, incentivize discussion as well as serving as an invaluable source of feedback.

Just below is the section that provides the links to previous podcasts.

The footer of the template is reserved for the subscription, a black bar features the audio distribution platforms where your podcast can be listened on.


*This template is a part of Podcast Episodes funnel/bundle.

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  • Release date: February 6, 2018
  • Last updated: October 18, 2019
  • File format: .json
  • File size: <1MB
  • Responsive: Yes - Optimized for mobile devices
  • Built with: Elementor Pro
  • License: Personal License (unlimited use on your own websites); Agency License (unlimited use on your own and client's websites)