Restaurant Specials Page

This Elementor Pro template is part of a series of templates dedicated exclusively to websites for restaurants. This elegant and creative template is perfect for showcasing your specials and other meals you prepare à la carte.

Just below the header and the first section which is standard for this series of templates and which serves an introductory purpose, there is a block dedicated to displaying your à la carte meals. Now, since this is a specials section listing exquisite and delectable food, it is only natural that these should be presented in the best possible manner. Hire a professional photographer and show your guests what your chefs can do. Put only realistic photos about the food you actually prepare.

Feature several of your favorite dishes, meals that you are most proud of and weave an exciting story about each. Maybe there is a special way of preparing the meal, or there are some exotic ingredients that you could mention etc. At the end of the day you need to make your guests feel like they were a part of this story, providing them with a unique experience not just tantalize their palate.

Near the end of this template as the following section make sure you feature the meal of the day. This can be a dish from the selection of your specials or something new altogether. As with the previous meals you should take special care of presenting this meal in a way that should entice your guests to want to try it. Again, the concept of a story will work wonders if done properly.

The footer is reserved for the contact info as well as an opt-in form for your newsletter.


*This template is a part of the Restaurant funnel/bundle.

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  • Release date: March 31, 2018
  • Last updated: October 18, 2019
  • File format: .json
  • File size: <1MB
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  • Built with: Elementor Pro
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