Webinar Guru Opt-in Page

This Elementor pro template has been specifically designed as an opt-in page for webinars. It is simple, stylish and to the point.

The first block is all about writing a brief copy that will convert visitors right from the start. At the center, a green call to action button invites your prospecting clients to register and participate. Just below a countdown timer has been placed to build urgency about the upcoming session. Remember to set just enough time to make it appealing.

The following section informs the students about everything that’s included in this webinar apart from the lesson itself. For example, the learning materials, Facebook workgroups, attending etc.

The following section just below gives students an insight into what this webinar is all about and lists the key points what they can expect to learn from it. Use your best copy to persuade your visitors to book their reservations. The green box just right of the text invites the readers to register for the webinar.

The next block is dedicated to the author of the webinar. Provide a short bio and credentials that will make it obvious why you are an expert on the subject. It helps you build authority about your webinar and yourself.

The template ends with another call to action calling all interested visitors to take part in your webinar.

The footer is reserved for short contact info and social media channels.


*This template is a part of Webinar Guru funnel/bundle.

  • Release date: January 31, 2018
  • Last updated: June 14, 2021
  • File format: .json
  • File size: <1MB
  • Responsive: Yes - Optimized for mobile devices
  • Built with: Elementor Pro
  • License: Personal License (unlimited use on your own websites); Agency License (unlimited use on your own and client's websites)